Friday, December 12, 2008

week two

prepping and setting up for our second weekend. we've changed around the staff and serving system, along with fleshing out the menu a little. last weekend was pretty warm for the mountains, but it's chilly and overcast now. could mean the difference between soups and salads on the specials board.

thanks for all the nice comments we've received on this blog, our myspace page and via email. it's been most encouraging as we knew that getting this place back up and running would be a major task that will take some time.

we'll continue to welcome your feedback, both positive and critical, as we're on a mission to get this as 'right' as possible.

it's always amazed me how many people are in hospitality that are, well, unhospitable. lazy, careless cooks, rude and insulting owners, ignorant and apathetic waitstaff. it's food, it's not brain surgery. often, all one needs to make it work is to love it.