Monday, December 22, 2008

week three

'twas the week before christmas, and all through the town...

no customers about, nobody around.

we expected a little bit of a slow pre-holiday weekend, but sunday took us by surprise. aside from a few takeaway coffee orders, we didn't have a single top until 1.30. the kitchen then turned thirty covers in two hours, which is what we did all day saturday. and that's not counting the front house, which had coffee and cake orders as well.

fortunately, people turned up for the music session. below, stewart peters, snez and simon crosbie:

tried a couple of photos during service, but rachel moves so fast, she's just a blur in all of them:

from this weekend, we'll be open thursdays through mondays, excepting this thursday, which is christmas day. that means we have to order our stock early and hope we don't run out mid-weekend. they say the week after boxing day is very busy up here, and we're going to be short-staffed. should I start stressing now, or wait til santa comes?