Monday, December 15, 2008

pattern? what pattern?

one thing that seems clear after two weeks of trading is, we can't pick the customer flow at all. it's never easy at the best of times, but with the passing tourist trade, we've quickly realised that any time of the day is 'peak hour'.

the blackboard games continue with our pals at the pub across the road. I had a camera on hand during their latest offering:

again, we had a mix of locals, tourists and several friends who made the drive up from the city to check out the new place.

we've taken another chef on board to help take some pressure off of me, especially during the sunday music sessions when I need to get out of the kitchen and play host. she's bringing a lot of great ideas and energy to the team, and we'll revamp the menu some this week.

there's still a fair bit of talk about opening nights for dinner, but we're resisting it for a few reasons. the locals wax nostalgically about how the place was years back, but times have changed, the economy is in a huge downturn, and we know all too well from our previous experiences that people's stated best intentions don't always eventuate in bums on seats. the realistic possibility of pulling eighteen hour days in order to serve four covers is too recent a memory just now.