Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the tourists have arrived

it was an odd start to the summer season this year. having christmas day fall on a thursday after a leap year, people seemed a little caught off guard. we were expecting a huge boxing day rush, but it wasn't to be, and that included the pub and other businesses in the village.

but as the weekend wore on, the holiday makers arrived. our covers numbers increased steadily with our busiest day by far being monday. we're noticing that breakfast trade is slowing, lunch steady but the late-afternoon around 3pm-5pm is our new peak service time. perhaps it's because there's nothing much open then, the pub's bistro is shut from 3-6pm, the deli and the other cafe closes as well, and the roadhouse up the highway is the only other option.

below: free-range herbed eggs on organic sourdough toast, with smoked salmon and ricotta cheese: