Friday, December 26, 2008

unboxing days

from today, we're expanding our hours. we'll be open thursdays through mondays from 8am til afternoons - anywhere from 3-4pm, probably. whenever things look like dying down, but again, we can never pick it.

on the specials board this morning:

mediterranean burger, with tzatziki, kalamata olives and tomato;
pastitso - greek-style lasagne, with salad;
tex-mex burger, with guacamole, tomato and chili salsa and lettuce;
bangers and mash with an onion jus;
soups: lentil; creamy pumpkin

had a great thai chicken salad on the board last weekend, inspired by a bucket full of wonderful snow peas a friend brought in from her garden... but only one person oredered it. as a matter of fact, salads themselves don't move well up here for some reason.