Monday, December 8, 2008

opening weekend

we opened the doors, we served, we shut the doors. we survived.

we had an up-and-down saturday, little flurries of customers mixed with quiet periods. sunday, we were steady straight through from eight am til five. the mix seemed to be about 60% locals and 40% tourists, but it's hard to say exactly.

we got an idea of what's working on the menu and what isn't. some of the equipment is a bit erratic and made for a few blunders, timing and food quality-wise. but we're working it all out. fast.

didn't get a chance to get any photos, maybe next weekend.

we've gotten to be good friends with the folks at the pub across the road, and even share some staff. a friendly rivalry has developed a bit with our a-frame chalkboards, I'm usually sneaking over and changing theirs. on opening day, we looked outside to see the boys on the footpath with a big chalkboard reading "cafe closed, come in here". funny stuff. wish we'd gotten pics.