Monday, December 1, 2008

home stretch

it's monday. we open saturday.

a few things that most cafes use:

eftpos/credit card machine
salt & pepper table shakers
outdoor signs
juices and soft drinks
takeaway containers
working underbench fridge
cheque book for the business account
coffee roaster, fully installed and flued

all of these things are due to arrive within 48 hours before our doors swing open.

today's crunch time for the menu. we'll keep things simple for the first few weeks until I can be confident of the consistency and quality before expanding too fast. at present:

fruit and organic breads, jams, honey etc
a few egg dishes with smoked salmon, asparagus, mushrooms, bacon etc
the archetypical big brekky
a couple of soups, made daily and changing with the seasons
a few toasted focaccias with various meat, veggie and cheese fillings
burgers, beef, pork chicken and veggie
souvlakia, probably just chicken at first
the usual salads, fries etc

and of course, what'll end up on the specials board, which will be decided each morning.

as soon as I'm comfortable, I'll add in baked beans and pancakes, but I'm not 100% happy with how they're turning out just yet. fussy? of course. I want this to be right.