Tuesday, February 17, 2009

what's yer beef?

somewhat inspired by a few 'bad customer' tales over on rita's blog, I thought I'd throw the doors open to get a few comments.

as a diner, what is your one major gripe, complaint, etc about your restaurant experiences?

we've all got plenty, but I'd like to limit this to your top peeve.

to kick things off, one of my fave pubs in the city had a bistro that was always busy on weekends. problem is, they were always understaffed and the kitchen layout wasn't the most ergonomic, let alone efficient.

having qualified that, it wasn't uncommon on a friday night or sunday afternoon to have a table of four receive their meals within an hour of each other. first served would be well finished with their meal while number four was still awaiting theirs.

it's my main grumble, and I've always busted my arse (and my staff's as well) to make sure that each table is served completely at the same time, or at least within a few brief minutes.

so what's your beef?