Friday, February 20, 2009


we've been open three hours and haven't had a soul walk in. well, aside from some gal taking a survey about the local swimming pool. I've checked with the pub and the two other cafes in the village, they're all dead. welcome to february. no matter, we have bookings for saturday & sunday. the easter tourist season is around the corner, I'm sure I'll miss the relative quiet and serenety.

on the specials board today: penne with chorizo, slow-roasted cherry tomatoes and rocket; veggie burgers with patties made from lentil, carrot, potato and zucchini; leek, onion and new potato soup; organic roast pumpkin, lentil and feta pies.

had another nice review on eatability, which is always welcome and encouraging.

*update* - the manager of the pub across the road came in with his family for lunch. bill came to just under what it costs us in electricity and gas to run the place for a day, so we're still behind.

*update update* takeaways. at least that's something.