Wednesday, February 18, 2009

choose wisely

the rspca has a new initiative, which we were quite happy to join. it's called choose wisely, and is an awareness campaign aimed at reducing the amount of cage-laid hen eggs used in cafes and restaurants.

we're members at the silver level, which means that we use cage-free eggs in all food products made on premises (which we've been doing since opening), but that some products bought-in may have used cage eggs in production.

we'll occasionally have pastries or cookies brought in to augment what we're able to bake here, so we're not 100% sure about the egg sources used there. as well as some stock items, such as dry pasta, creams, custards and ice creams, so we're at the mid-level to ensure that our integrity is assured.

it's an interesting initiative. let's hope the word spreads.