Friday, November 21, 2008

random notes

with any luck, we'll have our espresso machine up and running today. that'll be a big psychological milestone, and the gypsy gal will be ecstatic.

other delays continue to sidetrack us though. the guy who's supposed to help us set up our roaster is injured. I can't seem to find anyone to have a look at my underbench without a three-figure deposit. the deep-fryer's not working correctly. the eftpos machine's gonna take longer than expected. we're opening in two weeks and fast running out of time and money.

ever seen those tv shows where people are setting up new restaurants? I've always admired the way they just pick up the phone and say, "get me a [insert item here] and bill it to the office." then, there's an on-cam with a toothy-grinned jamie oliver type saying, "well, we're half a million over budget *shrug*".

in our world, half a dollar over budget means the car payment doesn't get made, rent's late or the phone people get begged for another extention. this will be the third place that we've opened on an absolute shoestring. perhaps I should write a book about it.

on a sidetrack, ever wondered what goes on in a frozen pizza factory? check this out.

one of the locals suggested we put in an indoor rock-climbing wall. in a cafe. he was serious. seriously nuts, mebbe...

enough random bloggery, I'm off to make veggie stock while waiting for the coffee tech to arrive.