Wednesday, November 5, 2008

blahs and blues

it seems that no matter how much setup time one has for a new venture, things always seem to... conspire?.... to ensure as many delays as possible occur.

the new roaster, cap machine and kitchen gear we were supposed to get last week, but was rescheduled for today - nah. maybe next week. maybe.

I'm fearing a huge last-ditch 48 hour rush is the most feasible outcome, and am considering postponing our opening date, as something else is bound to not happen on time.

the upside is the dining room looks great, and the corner wall has come out, brightening up the room by the nth degree. I'll post before-after pics after we finish and tidy up. the stove's working, although a little erratically, and the whole kitchen's looking clean and ready for service.

the downsides... I still can't test the deep-fryers, the underbench needs service (and we need $$ for that). my panini and salamander are lost interstate somewhere. the coolroom door seals need replacing. the dishwasher is still leaking, as is the underbench. the roaster delay means we can't start on-selling coffee beans and generating revenue.

we don't know what we're doing about a drinks fridge, as both coke (coca-cola amatil) and pepsi (cadbury-schweppes) have simply failed to get back to us, after about four weeks of chasing reps. mind you, this happened to us at our last place, and we ended up buying by the carton from food wholesalers.

and there's an issue with our intended signage above the awning of the building. structurally, the whole thing looks like it's about to fall apart, and I don't know what we'll do about that.

stressed? naw, not me. not as long as there's a pub across the road....