Sunday, March 1, 2009

food blogs

who'd have predicted that blogging about food would become as huge as it has in the past couple of years? one look at the aussie foodblog list is telling, as this is just aussie blogs who've bothered to register with this directory. obviously there'd be hundreds more out there, and that's just this country alone.

there's few good interactive foodblogs that I've contributed to and kept up with. the original chef 2 chef forums were great, as they were frequented by lots of professional chefs who were very supportive and giving of their time and expertise. but after a time, the site somehow became something of an in-club until it was sold. it's never really been quite the same since.

I've tried reading thru a few of the forums at chowhound over the past couple of years, the aussie board seems to be 90% overseas visitors posting exactly the same questions about restaurants and getting exactly the same recommendations from the same posters. the food & media board seems to be a fansite for all those who worship at the altar of racheal ray, jamie oliver, iron chef america etc. the home cooking board has some interesting threads, but you've gotta weed thru a lot of dreck to find them.

vogue's food drink + entertaining board, like the chowhound media board seems largely preoccupied with celebrity chefs, although it's well-read and contributed to. I've recently discovered chef talk, it seems to be populated by pro chefs and is one of my faves now. although I find the paid ad 'infolinks' distracting.

there's lots of good review sites, which I enjoy for the customer-side insight. I particularly like rita's hobart guide (even though I'm not anywhere near tassie), as it's informative and well-written. but here I'm talking primarily sites you can use /refer to / be inspired by when it comes to sourcing, cooking and serving food, either on the pro or home level.

so I'll throw out to readers: what are your fave foodblogs, and why? I'm talking about really solid, well moderated boards that engage you on many levels, as a pro, as a foodie, as a serious home cook.