Sunday, October 12, 2008

the story so far

ok, from the previous post last may, things have progressed rapidly.

at the beginning of the year, we'd looked at a run-down but groovy old cafe site in the blue mountains. it had been closed for about two years, and the notion of building local trade looked rather daunting, to say the least. we passed, and looked further afield.

six months later, we'd been putting in offers to buy a house in the area, and stumbled across the cafe again, which was still available. we held some talks and came to an agreement to try the premises out for a year. as the place also had a residence in the rear, it seemed like a more feasible opportunity.

we moved in a few weeks ago, and have been spending a massive amount of time cleaning, repairing and generally making the place liveable. we're going to keep our "day gigs" and only open on the weekends initially. we'll know soon enough how viable the place will be.

here's some "before" pics:

strangely, the place looks better in these photos than it does in real life... no matter, we're pressing onwards. the cafe is something of a local landmark, I'm not sure if we'll be exactly returning it to its glory days, but we'll see what we can manage.

we're shooting for a december opening. updates and progress reports will be posted here.

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cc & am