Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the hounds of chow

some observations I've made reading the chowhound boards:

when posting a new topic, nobody bothers to check to see if a thread already exists on exactly that same topic.

80% of those who post comments have absolutely no sense of humour, let alone an understanding of the concept of irony. no, make that 90%.

instead of inspiring viewers to become better cooks and appreciators of food, the food network appears to have accomplished the complete opposite. a film analogy might be porky's over citizen kane.

to many, fast food from an international chain is an acceptable and valid choice of cuisine for the whole family.

the best way to make big money in food is to be young, attractive, and ghost-write a glossy coffee-table cookbook.

the threads with the most responses are those discussing children's eating habits.

a lot of people in middle america really, firmly believe that rachael ray is a talented professional cook.